About Vinyl and Aluminum Deck Railing

When planning out your new deck installation, it's important to figure out the best material to use for your deck's railing. There are a few primary options including wood, vinyl, and aluminum, but today we'll be focusing on vinyl and aluminum. Before you go out and hire a local deck builder, it will be important to know the types of materials you're going to want to work with.

When it comes to colors, vinyl railing can't be painted. So, that could limit your options when it comes to the different colors available. Also, vinyl railing can tend to fade over the years or lose its color a bit. This can make color matching a bit difficult. Aluminum on the other hand tends to hold up much better, and you'll have many more options when it comes to colors

Both of these materials are definitely much stronger than wood. Vinyl is around five times as strong as wood, and is resistant to rot and insect. Aluminum on the other hand is obviously much stronger than wood, and has some additional benefits over vinyl. Aluminum can withstand snow, ice, rain, and UV damage.

When it comes to maintenance of both of these railing types, they are both fairly low maintenance. They can both be maintained with soap and water on a regular basis. In general, you'll have to clean vinyl more than aluminum, but they are both pretty low maintenance options.

Installation is also pretty easy with each materials. Vinyl will be a little bit more delicate than aluminum, but is still easy to work with. The only thing to keep in mind with vinyl is that you want to make sure you're not doing too much damage when cutting or drilling into it.

When it comes to cost, vinyl will be one of the cheapest options for deck railing. Aluminum will cost more than vinyl, but you'll get the added benefits of stronger material, more design and color options, and easier overall maintenance.

That's it for now, but to get a better idea of what would be best for you, get in contact with a Pasadena deck builder to learn a bit more. They'll have a ton more information when it comes to deck railing materials, and what would be best for your project.

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