How To Detail A Truck

If your truck has seen better days, it could be time to consider detailing it. Today, we'll go over a few steps that you'll want to consider when doing Salem auto detailing for your truck.

The first thing you'll want to do is get rid of all of the dirt and grime on the exterior of your truck. Ultimately what we want to do is get rid of everything that is on the clearcoat of the truck. There's a couple of ways we do this: by washing the truck and using a clay bar.

Washing the truck is pretty self explanatory. If the truck isn't too dirty, you can use a high quality auto wash soap and a microfiber mitt to wash it off that way. If there is a lot of dirt and grime, you might want to soak the car first with the soap and then rinse it off to lift the dirt off of it. The last thing you want to do is work in the dirt and grim into the clearcoat of your truck.

From there, we recommend using a clay bar to remove the remainder of material from the clearcoat. Over time, things can embed themselves into the clearcoat of your vehicle. In many cases you won't even be able to see it, but it can prevent the paint on your vehicle from looking its best.

Use a detailing spray to lubricate the surface of the truck, and run the clay bar back and forth to pull that hard to see dirt and grime out of the paint. Do this across all of the paint on the exterior of the truck.

Finally, it will be time to seal the paint. For this you can use a wide range of different wax products, or you can use ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating is definitely more expensive, but it will last longer than a majority of the wax products that you will find on the market.

Follow the instructions for the product that you bought and apply a layer of the wax or ceramic coat to the exterior of your truck.

Once the wax or ceramic coat has dried, buff the exterior of your truck to remove any remaining product and until the paint is shiny.

Once you've done those few steps, your truck should be looking great.

That's it for this post about auto detailing in Salem OR. We'll be sure to post more valuable auto detailing advice in more blog posts.

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